December 30, 2011

Hello, Twenty Twelve!

Finally,  the time "to do nothing" has come !
I am very tired of coming up with something original for the new year party!So this year I just want to follow traditions. I have a strategic goal, which I will do in the next few days.I want to watch all my favorite movies again.It will be the perfect pastime!
Норe you will have a great holidays guys!



  1. Просмотр рождественских фильмов я уже планирую начать сегодня.
    Ты прекрасна как всегда!

  2. so beautiful!!! love love love

  3. Replies
    1. Me too.
      Your hair is awesome!!!
      I'm blond, but I'm trying a color so beautiful!!!

  4. You know, you *look* like early Autumn too, I must say!

    Cheers for the New Year!

  5. Красивое украшение! Мне нравится прическа,такой французский шарм)
    Счастливого нового года!

  6. Hey in 2012!
    Love your hair and glitter blouse<3

  7. you look lovely :)

    just found your blog and I'm following for sure*

  8. happy new year!wish i was there! your still haunting a soul from the other side of the world Alina.."Bande A part" you need to see! or any Tarkovsky film!
    nice, love the choice of are definitely out of this world, a lady godiva, a joan of arc, an isadora duncan, i have said to much, alas!

  9. Your blog is awwwwesome! Greets from Germany :)

  10. Поздравляю с наступившим годом !получите свою награду!

  11. I really like your style and the photos you take! You`re a very beautiful girl.
    By the way, "Bande à part", which is mentioned above, is a really great film ;)

  12. Lovely Christmas photos! :) Cute snowglobe, and your feather necklace is SO nice :>

    Really great blog! ^^
    I hope you have a happy year 2012 !

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

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