October 6, 2011

Young Blood.

Fully enjoy your life, don't be afraid to make mistakes,fall in love,go hard to the goal...
Keep calm and Do whatever you want because you are young!!!


  1. Настоящая американская девушка ) Очень здорово!

  2. I concur!

    enjoy your youth while it is here, fall in love and die with someone you spent your whole life with. there is a cool saying from Irish writer, Oscar Wilde
    "to get back ones youth one has merely repeat ones follies" (...Dorian gray)

    check out!
    music: talking heads- this must be the place
    Brian Eno- here come the warm jets

    -that anonymous guy

  3. Thank you,anonymous guy from Canada;)Good songs and wise quote!

  4. Вы такая хорошенькая! Глаз не оторвать!
    p.s. всё лето пробегала на этом стадионе. :)

  5. Really beautiful!
    Know you now because of Goingquantum from Youtube. The sad thing is that they don't say your name and I had to search for a bit. ^__^

    But anyway greetings from Germany. :)


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